Living inworld

yes. i am addicted virtual homes. houses and skyboxes. i wonder if it because in RL i do not own house or apartment.

i own small 1024 piece of mainland, ugly as hell like almost all mainlands so i live up on the sky. right now i have cute little grassy bubble and house(s) on it. i need to have space and light so i can move and rotate my camera view easily. and i want to step outside the house/ skybox. panorama bubbles are great, you have your own space and you don’t need to see other skyboxes.

couple of months before christmas i was just redecorated my new house and wanted to have something new. don’t get me wrong, i was very satisfied but if you are addicted to houses and furniture, you always need more… so i rented paradise island for a winter… i tried several beachouses, but then i found trompe loeil cottage and decorated that. it was funny: sand, beach, palm trees and snowy-frosty cottage. there’s 7 different houses at the picture, but there was even more. i can rent a house for a week or two, decorate it and leave it. london loft (4th row 3rd pic) was a test, it looked so nice i just wanted to try it myself. and i was week or two at milkweed rental houses


textures are everything for me. my house can be very simple if it has good textures. rugs, lamps, sofas and wall decorations are my all time favorites: together they create feeling of home.

my other home is rental land. it is near the water, but not paradise island. i have small *ionic* house there and lot of grass with bird and frog sounds. frogs are little annoying but so realistic and calming also, so i keep them.

*ionic* has charming little houses, i have few of them already. this one is buenos aires, trees and plants come with the house. i usually prefer mod houses because i want to tint my walls or change textures, but *ionic* houses has so many funny and beautiful details i can be no-mod and still happy.


and this is my latest project… my old bubble with two houses. the house (++HY’s++ 03Ra) on the left is “ready”, the *ionic* house on the right is just rezzed and has no furniture. it was only 75 L$ (lazy sunday offer) and very suitable for a valentine’s day/spring time studio.


i have houses also from KOSH, AppleFall, Kessi Andretti, FunkyJunk, Scarlet Creative… and huge pile of old favorites…

PS. bigger pics at FLICKR

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