Building PP-skybox: Playing with textures and components

italian floor tiles

Yesterday I spend few hours at the Marketplace searching free or low price textures. There’s plenty of good quality textures, my problem is I CAN NOT DECIDE which ones I want to use – I want them all! Maybe I have to make several skyboxes with different colour/style themes.

My Prim Perfect skybox is not ready ready any time soon. I was able to find easy sliding door system, it works well, although sliding sound is pretty annoying. But I can live with that! Also I bought mesh wall unit, I am not sure if I really need it, but it was cheap and nice. The floor is always the hardest part for me. I play with “repeat per meter” until I almost get nervous breakdown. These italian tiles are very beautiful, but I am not sure if they really match with everything else (oh yes, these new paint and wallpapers also). Usually I like plain and light floors because I am a rug lover.

To be continued…

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