My 3 SL wishes meme

1. I wish people would understand that Second Life is not a game. Don’t get me wrong, I love computer and console games, but SL is so much more. It is social media, a community, and the best part of it is that everything is created by SL residents. There’s no ready-made places or things – it is all about imagination of SL users.

2. I wish building in SL would be as easy as it is on the Minecraft where my 11-year old son builds  castles and houses and towers just like that, like in few minutes 😀

3. I could wish SL viewers to be more simple but after all, I have so used to spend a lot of quality time *grin* with it… I can easily use an hour or two organizing my inventory folders and subfolders. Communicating could also be easier: notecards (group notice notecards especially)  and IM’s are so last season. And group limit! I just hate that.


This meme was a tough one because I agree SS’s all 3 wishes and I had to figure out 3 more.

I have been away from home and from SL, so no new pics. This one is old from Feb when I was only dreaming of spring. Now it is finally here (in Finland)!

sugarhill patio at fairy dark blue

3 thoughts on “My 3 SL wishes meme

  1. Arghhh! I hate the group limit too! I hate having to drop one just to join a new one 😦 lol and if it only took me an hour or two to organize my inventory, I’d be a happy girl. For me, more like a month or two of doing nothing else…and no shopping while I was doing it 😮


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