Summer dress from childhood

When I saw this maxi dress (Rebel Hope Breeze Maxi Dress Black and Hot Pink) I instantly remembered old Finnish commercial pic from 60’s or 70’s. I tried to find that pic and maxi dress on it – even called my mom! – but I am not sure if the dress was Marimekko or Nanso. They both are  well-known Finnish clothing and textile  brands and if you are middle aged Finn, you propably have spend your  childhood with these patterns. Even First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy wore Marimekko.

The closest thing I found to my new SL dress was Marimekko’s Seireeni dress.

I had such strong memory of  the old pic that I wanted to find location and feeling close to it. I usually do not hang with Finns in SL – it is because I live with them IRL LOL and because first time ever I met another Finn in SL he was a giant penis avatar. How very mature. Oh yes and the second one was vomiting goblin. Yeah right. I rest my case.

But you have to do sacrifices as a blogger so I was bold and feeling beautiful and went to Finnish Sauna Retreat to snapshot. Lake and forest are very Finnish and like Marimekko patterns and clothes, they are part of my childhood and still my inner environment.Sauna also, although I am not a big sauna lover. And yes, you go sauna naked, not with your bikinis or swimsuits on (there’s exceptions like if you have group of people not knowing each other). I am so in love with this dress I did not wanted to take it off, so I skipped the sauna and teleported safely to my home.

(Disclaimer: since my first experiences I have met some great Finnish avatars)



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