Happy birthday my dear friend

Statue of Man, from 2002.
History Walk
My SL life began in 2006.

I visited SL10B shortly today. After sim restart I was not able to tp back. Maybe later on the evening – there’s huge amount of things to explore and interesting places to visit.

Anarchy in wardrobe

I bought two “Marie Antoinette” dresses for SL Movie Poster meme and because I used the yellow one on the meme pic, here is the other one. It is something I never wear, but surprise surprise – I like it a lot! And mixed reality strikes again: I have been wearing more girly and feminine clothes IRL also – even my boyfriend said one day I look more adult than usually. Normally I have jeans or a bit hippie dresses.


The dress is Les Petites Details Marie Antoinette Sunset. This shop was totally new for me and I am really glad I have find it. For a pic above I used years and years old Marxi Posesphere 2 or actually only posestand, I removed the sphere and made white wall background. Marxi is full of rather good poses by Alexx Markova. Could not find any of these names or slurls anymore:(


SL Movie poster meme

EDIT: another pic added:)

I was so thrilled when I noticed SS’s new meme challenge because it is always fun to create look-a-likes. I even asked from my FB friends what movie they suggest to me. Answer was unpossible to visualize in SL: Comet in Moominland – Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti. It is based on Tove Jansson’s famous “children’s” book. It is great book and as my friend wrote, full of  “adventures, family time, treasures, changes, serenity, writing, new encounters, unexpected twists and turns, traveling” – just like my RL life:)


While thinking of moomins, I took easier movie, Marie Antoinette. It is not my all-time-favorite movie, but it is fun and colorful and Kirsten Dunst is so cute. AND my SL friend is planning baroque/rococo themed party, so this was a good reason to shop some dresses and hairdo’s.

The dress is HUGE, and it has it’s own AO with fan movements, greetings, curtseys and bowing. Hairdo is Annette Hair color 10 from A&A. Rosy wall texture from Ferryhill Designs. And OMG I just realized I forgot to use my flower accessory! Had to make another pic, soon! 😀


I did not try to copy the original movie poster, my version is based on these two pics.


Flowers and frogs, no Prince

I returned all my prims because I could not found my skybox anymore… then I rezzed almost all houses from my “houses” folder and finally choose this old one, it is modified version of retro beach house by KisKis (no longer exists). I have decorated lately so much indoors (IRL and inworld) that I wanted to landscape my plot instead. I want flowers and green leaves and SOUNDS! I am totally obsessed to listen my reed cattail thicket frogs. I login, be AFK a lot and just listen the frog choir 😀

Hedges and Cattail old from Marketplace, KIDD short grass mixed poppy and KIDD green meadow wild flower SLURL to the mainstore.