Alive and kicking

(I am looking for a new blog template, until then you have to click on pics to see them bigger. Thanks.)

My SL has always been pretty much on-off kind of hobby. Since August I have visited SL but very quickly – until a week or two ago I started to second-live again.

It’s all about snow, winter and Christmas at SL now – and I am not very keen any of that stuff – maybe because I live in Finland and I really has had way too much snow and cold weather in my life. And I absolutely hate Christmas elves (except traditional Finnish ones). Ok, Christmas is just fine – if I do not have to watch old fashioned red and green decorations. 


So that’s why my grass bubble is always green. No snow, no winter decoration. The only seasonal things I have are Cleo’s Advent Calendar Deer – it is kitsch enough – and Sway’s golden trees.

I have a very good reason to spend more time at SL now. Or two reasons, KittyCats Nelson and Minca.  More of them soon but don’t worry, I have no tend to fill this blog with huge load of cat pics…or…never say never. And it is very possible I fall in love with pet dragons next week.



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