Crazy cat lady

Ocicats Minca (left) and Nelson (right).

One week with cats and I am already losing my mental health. They are so demanding creatures! Like a babies but worse. And they talk talk talk – and follow me around the parcel. Like this.

When I am cleaning and sorting my inventory: KittyCats – Nelson bats its eyes at you.

After a friend of mine  visited shortly: KittyCats – Minca: Hmmm what’s this I smell?

When editing my shape making me taller (from 157 cm to 167 cm): KittyCats – Minca: Woowww, How did you get so big? Did they give you some Vitamin boosters??

I test poses and take snapshots: KittyCats – Nelson looks up at you wondering if you notice how cute he is.

Going RL kitchen when hungry: KittyCats – Minca: Have I told ya lately that I love fish and milk?


Nelson exploring

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