Avec mes souvenirs

something new
large pic: wearing CoCo sale items, skinny jeans, suede boots, sweater. pose by !bang twisted collection


I have been in SL since 2006. My most active years have started 2009 – after that I has been inworld regularly daily/weekly/monthly – depending how busy my RL is.

I regret only one thing: why don’t I start blogging earlier! Or at least take more pics! When I now look back my old entries and pics, I can easily remember houses, environments, lights and shadows, what did I saw when I stand at my old living room/bedroom/balcony and turned over…

I am thinking of this because during next year I might have an opportunity to test/use Oculus Rift. If only seeing my avatar living and moving on the screen impacts me quite powerfully, I can not imagine how it feels when SL experience is even more alive.

I am not a very good SL (commercial) blogger because I use my old furniture a lot. They bring back memories and using old stuff suits also with my mixed reality profile: IRL I have always loved second hand shops, flea markets and old, recycled things. If I am an anti-consumerist IRL, why would I change that attitude inworld. I lovelovelove talented SL content creators, but I do not want buy stuff just for a one pic. Everything you see, is just like I live my SL.

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