I surrender – more cats

EDIT: Proofreading and minor corrections. You should never wrote after midnight.

Over a month ago I bought my first cats, Nelson and Minca. Nelson was named after my huge idol Nelson Mandela and beside of this great man I wanted strong woman. Minca comes from Minna Canth, famous Finnish feminist and author. Nelson and Minca have already three kittens and all of them are for sale (one is sold). I just can not have parcel full of cats. Or so I thought.

First I got Snowflake kitten from KittyCats Advent Calender. She is Jeanette, named after Jeanne D’Arc. Silly looking winter cat – but it is interesting to see what kinds of kittens she will make with Nelson. Light brownish cats with snowflakes?

I have been surprised how lively and realistic KittyCats are. For example: just like real cats they tend to search the most narrow places at my parcel and hide there or some other way creating drama every day. They have given me hard times disappearing and falling to the ground level (I live up in the sky). jeanette4_001jeanette_kollaasi

Unfortunately I was not done with KittyCats after Jeanette. I bought two more kittens, Fidel and Chriselda. With Chriselda I gave up: her name has no special connection, it was already made when I opened the kitten box. Fidel is Maine Coon and Chriselda is Burmese.fidel_kollaasi

Now it is just partnering the cats and waiting 100 % Love and and waiting again. What kind of kittens I will get? I have promised to myself that I put all my future kittens to my store – I don’t want to buy more land because of this sudden cat craziness.chris2_001PS. Aren’t they cute!?!

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