Lean into the light


shades and pedal

 i can see the light

  • frame Lark What May Come
  • shoes epic Ice Cream Dorothy Gales
  • leggings ISON metallic snake taupe
  • Loovus Richie Mini (group gift)
  • MYNX shades Shabby chic *
  • MYNX Daisy necklace *
  • poses from Le Poppycock Frequency B
  • house Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug (Realistic size)

* promotional copies

Don’t smile for the camera – SL Yearbook challenge

yearbook smile challenge


I freeze when I see a camera. I smile and laugh a lot, but in font of camera – no way. I did not even try to smile – with HUD it always makes you look just weird and creepy. Parted lips was the solution.

The challenge includes other not-so-familiar part, a yearbook photo. We do not make yearbooks in Finland – although there is a class photo (group and personal) once a year.

  • alaskametro Ingrid tunic pebble brown *
  • scarf old from inventory: POMME D’AMOUR Let it snow
  • MOON hair Mourning sickness
  • Mynerva skin Plain Jane english rose
  • Mynerva smoky onyx eyeliner
  • pose from Le Poppycock Frequency B

* promotional copy