The Ball Chair

Almost every people in Finland recognizes the famous Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair. As a child I remember how peaceful and fun nest it was to sit. Ball Chair is timeless.

Designer Eero Aarnio sitting at the Ball Chair. Picture credits

I found this look-a-like chair last night from Pixel Mode’s final sale. It is probably the best ball chair I have ever seen inworld. Colours bring me straight back to 70’s. My room was orange, our kitchen was green, living room’s wall was bright blue. It is a miracle I am sane.

Picture credits


  • [PM]Pixel Mode – Bubble Chair – Orange from Pixel Mode’s final sale
  • TETRA – Biker Leather Jacket w/o Shirt (Black) – Maitreya
  • TETRA – Cargo pants – Maitreya

Testing OBS (with new home and new avatar) and a challenge

EDIT: just noticed embed video do not work, so here is the link: Testing OBS

This is a very quickly made video test. I apologize for HUDs and maps etc. on the screen. Just wanted to try how OBS works and how easy/difficult is to quickly edit and publish videos. The slowest part was edit with Movie Maker: I am much more familiar with Adobe Premiere and MM was way too easy 😀

If you watch my video, you can guess what the challenge is…but here it is: decorate your home with old inventory items only – and I mean years old, not months or weeks old 😀 If you take the challenge I would like to see results, so please leave your pic or video link on comments!


  • Avatar: Dinkies brown tabby mesh kitty avatar
  • Rental home: Baja Cove
  • Furniture and decoration: multiple old items from my inventory, for example ionic and LISP