The Ball Chair

Almost every people in Finland recognizes the famous Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair. As a child I remember how peaceful and fun nest it was to sit. Ball Chair is timeless.

Designer Eero Aarnio sitting at the Ball Chair. Picture credits

I found this look-a-like chair last night from Pixel Mode’s final sale. It is probably the best ball chair I have ever seen inworld. Colours bring me straight back to 70’s. My room was orange, our kitchen was green, living room’s wall was bright blue. It is a miracle I am sane.

Picture credits


  • [PM]Pixel Mode – Bubble Chair – Orange from Pixel Mode’s final sale
  • TETRA – Biker Leather Jacket w/o Shirt (Black) – Maitreya
  • TETRA – Cargo pants – Maitreya

African violet

My favorite incense is called African violet. The package is quite like the one I found from [ KEKE ] store. Mixed reality, once again.

And yes I am doing exactly what I wanna do. Right now it is moment to sit and think, to enjoy last sunny days, to nurture my flowers and plants. That’s why I haven’t even change my outfit LOL. I have to take better care of me!

  • [ keke ] peace incense
  • [ keke ] lilies – white pot
  • [ keke ] soda – peach
  • [ keke ] soda open – white
  • [ keke ] nirvana chair white . floral
  • [ keke ] do what you wanna do – black.steel
  • KOSH- IVY & BIRDHOUSE (birdhouse taken)
  • [ba] hollyhock – yellow
  • L2 STUDIO West Lake MINI (my all-time favorite house)



Play flute, sleep, repeat

After 30 years I have started to play flute again. It feels sooooo good! I started when I was 12 years old and played several years, until age 17 or 18 I quit flute lessons because I pretty much wanted to play all kind of music, not just classical (which I love also). I played for my own for a while, but then OMG I made huge stupidity: I pawned my dear flute… Of course I did not get it back in time. 

Finally, this summer, I got a new (used) flute. Since then I have played daily. I play what I want to play: pop, rock, scales, etudes, Beatles, Bach, Abba, Schubert, tangos, sonatines etc. 

And, of course, I bought virtual flute also. It has animations and ten flute solos/songs to play. I am not sure if it is possible to even use your own music. If it is, I can play IRL and then “play” it with my virtual flute. How cool is that!

  • LODE Head Accessory – Summer Garden [sweet]
  • LeLutka Cate 3.0
  • TRUTH Panny
  • Satoko Instruments Flute Patrimonio (silver)
  • Zaara : Kavita tunic (maitreya) black floral
  • Boudoir Vintage Couch Granny

Merry Xmas – I don’t want to fight tonight

I am never going to forget this Christmas. I had a massive argument with my boyfriend just before the Christmas and despite of spending time with my loved ones, I am feeling sad and miserable all the time. But SL is always a good place to relax – shopping, decorating and taking pics make you forget everything else. My Christmas decoration will be totally different than a last year when I was happy and very much in love. herringbone coat

herringbone coat and winter collar

owl watches

* promotional copies

Mother of two with a bare face


EDIT: challenge, meme, whatever…I challenge all SL readers, especially the Finnish ones! Rules are simple: post a photo of your avatar, no lashes, no makeup. Starter of this challenge is Genkai Tesla.

Here I am with my mommy colleague – she is also mother of two. My children give me more free time. they are learning how to fly like this talitintti (Great Tit).

Bare face, no makeup, not even lashes.


  • skin DeeTalez Jarla
  • hair Clawtooth Elise pink pastel dip
  • alaskametro velvet bodysuit golden *
  • alaskametro karma leggins hyperspace *
  • *LODE* Head Accessory – Magic [bird with star] (from Chapter Four)
  • *ionic* – Mommy Raccoon (from Chapter Four)

* promotional copies

We bathe under blue light

At first I was not so excited about Cirque de Seraphim event…but when I finally visited there, I was blown away. Nicely build two sims – not too big area – and lots of quality and fun stuff. Normally I do not like gatchas because I always get those most ordinary items, but this time, oh boy…I got my favorite monkey (MadPea Soaper Special Gacha) and {NanTra}’s Dita von Candy RARE. Dita’s rare stool has several textures and great poses build in so it is awesome to play with it.

My crazy looking monkey is the most perfect partner ever: it follows me everywhere and runs around me making my head dizzy.




  • outfit: [bubble] Lolita Clown
  • shoes ArisAris Forward Wedges
  • posters Kalopsia – free Vintage Circus Posters
  • mirror Vintage mirror with lights, bronze. Myrrine
  • standing pose Campo5

While writing, I was listening my all time favorite AW: