Short SL history

I found SL years ago (2006), don’t remember how but I was thrilled about the idea having a virtual life. That’s me! I can move! I can fly! And OMG, I look horrible.

First days (or weeks?)  I just wondered around, tried to find something to wear, other than ho ho clothing. Met random nasty and ugly people, went random ugly places, freebie shops and money islands mostly. I have no idea why i still wanted to continue. Wanted to figure SL out I guess. I used to spend my time on money benches to be able to buy new hair or pair of shoes. Desperate.

Then, one day, I flied over the sea and got stuck and crashed. I abonded my avatar and found it again after couple of years and then I finally started to live inworld. I had skybox (rental), trainee job and regular job, friends and some more friends and I did not look as horrible anymore. I started to follow SL fashion, went modeling school, had some catwalk shows (it was hilarious!), tried to build something (all my buildings are dull cubes with grunge style wallpapers).

Oh yes and I had SL/RL friendship/romance:) It was fun, I have lot of good memories of that, but not anymore thank you, RL love is much easier. Same country, same language, no cultural differences. The best part is you actually can meet weekly 😀 So, now it is just exploring, shopping, taking pics, playing around, learning and enjoying. SL is the most relaxing way of escape I know, but it always goes together with my real life: I share many things with my main avatar and one thing specially: I do not want to lie and pretend to be something I am not.

I have an obsession to look like RL me, so I am weirdo in SL. I am petite (under 160 cm) and my breast size is 0-5. or it was before MESH: I love mesh clothing, so now I am forced to use Standard Sizing (SS-XS). I play with my looks more than I have used to, I don’t want to be so god damn realistic with my look anymore…I have even bought lolas mesh boobs – just because of curiosity and fun!

Pics are from the oldest to the newest one. More new pics at my Flickr.


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