Sad and silent night

christmas at jezebel cottage

everything from the Casa (Kaerri, kusshon and Dreamscapes Art Gallery) * except the house, Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug (Realistic size) from Collabor88 (bigger picture when you click)

  • *Merry* Xmas Tree Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • [kusshon] christmas deer, “says” Merry Christm., 11 lp, trans
  • Kaerri Xmas 2014 Couch
  • *HoHoHo* Deco Word A Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • Kaerri Xmas 2014 Tree Light Picture
  • Kaerri Red Bird Wreath
  • *Noel* Console Table Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • Kaerri Snowflake Frame 1, 2, 3
  • [kusshon] “Bergen” PREMIUM christmas tree incl. music, 6 li, tr
  • Kaerri Wooden Floor Deer
  • Kaerri Xmas House Lantern 1, 2, 3
  • Kaerri Xmas 2014 Coffee Table
  • Kaerri Table Wreath
  • Kaerri Xmas 2014 Ikebana
  • rug 18 corrugated “sources”

* promotional copies

Merry Xmas – I don’t want to fight tonight

I am never going to forget this Christmas. I had a massive argument with my boyfriend just before the Christmas and despite of spending time with my loved ones, I am feeling sad and miserable all the time. But SL is always a good place to relax – shopping, decorating and taking pics make you forget everything else. My Christmas decoration will be totally different than a last year when I was happy and very much in love. herringbone coat

herringbone coat and winter collar

owl watches

* promotional copies

Baby it’s cold outside

Weather in southern Finland right now: + 4 C, rainy, no snow. Weather at my SL home: -14, lot of snow and snowing more.

My SL Christmas set has everything I like. I have made it for me and my boyfriend who is not coming to SL ever – he quite hates it. IRL we are also separate during the Christmas, we both have our own families and plans, but I have this imaginary SL Christmas – there we can spend holidays together –  eating, drinking, walking outside, watching TV, playing games, reading good books and just chilling and wearing pajamas. 

My RL Christmas is another story. I am going to take my children and travel across the country to meet family members – lots of fun and laughing, maybe singing too. Oh and there is a real Christmas baby I cannot wait to hold!

all pics are raw shots, I was too busy to edit them with Pixlr Express🙂





La donna e mobile

No winter and christmas decorations for me! That was me only week ago. Well, after I wrote it down, I completely disagreed with myself – but it is ok, because I am a woman and supposed to keep changing my mind.

Behind this decision was RL news: black Christmas in Helsinki area. I may whine about coldness and darkness and too much snow, but the truth is, I am used to have snow at winter and it is a disappointment if there is no snow. Snow makes sense. It lightens everything up when it is dark almost all day. Snow looks soft and pure, it is like a white blanket (very cold one though).

I did not want to change my current grass bubble so I finally bought more land with more prims. Now I have too plots, 1024 sq m (it is for sale or rent, comment or IM me if interested) and bigger 2048 sq m. The old plot has green look but my new land has snow skydome and my dear old house, winter cabin by lake. I have plenty of empty outdoors space so it is possible I make my own skating pound or winter wonderland forest…


More to come about my mixed reality Christmas…

Alive and kicking

(I am looking for a new blog template, until then you have to click on pics to see them bigger. Thanks.)

My SL has always been pretty much on-off kind of hobby. Since August I have visited SL but very quickly – until a week or two ago I started to second-live again.

It’s all about snow, winter and Christmas at SL now – and I am not very keen any of that stuff – maybe because I live in Finland and I really has had way too much snow and cold weather in my life. And I absolutely hate Christmas elves (except traditional Finnish ones). Ok, Christmas is just fine – if I do not have to watch old fashioned red and green decorations. 


So that’s why my grass bubble is always green. No snow, no winter decoration. The only seasonal things I have are Cleo’s Advent Calendar Deer – it is kitsch enough – and Sway’s golden trees.

I have a very good reason to spend more time at SL now. Or two reasons, KittyCats Nelson and Minca.  More of them soon but don’t worry, I have no tend to fill this blog with huge load of cat pics…or…never say never. And it is very possible I fall in love with pet dragons next week.