Sad and silent night

christmas at jezebel cottage

everything from the Casa (Kaerri, kusshon and Dreamscapes Art Gallery) * except the house, Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug (Realistic size) from Collabor88 (bigger picture when you click)

  • *Merry* Xmas Tree Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • [kusshon] christmas deer, “says” Merry Christm., 11 lp, trans
  • Kaerri Xmas 2014 Couch
  • *HoHoHo* Deco Word A Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • Kaerri Xmas 2014 Tree Light Picture
  • Kaerri Red Bird Wreath
  • *Noel* Console Table Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • Kaerri Snowflake Frame 1, 2, 3
  • [kusshon] “Bergen” PREMIUM christmas tree incl. music, 6 li, tr
  • Kaerri Wooden Floor Deer
  • Kaerri Xmas House Lantern 1, 2, 3
  • Kaerri Xmas 2014 Coffee Table
  • Kaerri Table Wreath
  • Kaerri Xmas 2014 Ikebana
  • rug 18 corrugated “sources”

* promotional copies

Merry Xmas – I don’t want to fight tonight

I am never going to forget this Christmas. I had a massive argument with my boyfriend just before the Christmas and despite of spending time with my loved ones, I am feeling sad and miserable all the time. But SL is always a good place to relax – shopping, decorating and taking pics make you forget everything else. My Christmas decoration will be totally different than a last year when I was happy and very much in love. herringbone coat

herringbone coat and winter collar

owl watches

* promotional copies

Baby it’s cold outside

Weather in southern Finland right now: + 4 C, rainy, no snow. Weather at my SL home: -14, lot of snow and snowing more.

My SL Christmas set has everything I like. I have made it for me and my boyfriend who is not coming to SL ever – he quite hates it. IRL we are also separate during the Christmas, we both have our own families and plans, but I have this imaginary SL Christmas – there we can spend holidays together –  eating, drinking, walking outside, watching TV, playing games, reading good books and just chilling and wearing pajamas. 

My RL Christmas is another story. I am going to take my children and travel across the country to meet family members – lots of fun and laughing, maybe singing too. Oh and there is a real Christmas baby I cannot wait to hold!

all pics are raw shots, I was too busy to edit them with Pixlr Express🙂