I lost my head, I even looked under the bed

IRL I am a writer and author, published/wrote 5-6 books – depends how you do the math. My last book (about internet dating) was published 2011 and after that I have not written much. I have been little worried about my none-writing, but I know I still have ideas and passion to do things.

So today – after I made my earlier blog entry – I went shopping poses from aDORKable 50 % sale. And Oh My God I shopped! 40-50 new poses on my inventory and I think I am going back many times.

25 days of poses is a nice pack and when I tested it at my home, I soon realized I could tell something mixed reality related from each pose/pose pic. 


My current life is 50-50 life. I have my kids living with me one week and one week I live alone – expect not. I spend my childless week with my boyfriend (can you say BOYfriend if he is over 40 LOL). When I kiss him goodbye after carefree week I have mixed feelings day or two: I enjoy being with my wonderful children but I also miss my man.

Thank god my sons have so much going on every week I don’t have time to daydream.

My RL bedroom is actually very similar with my present SL bedroom. It is quite big and there’s two major things: my bed and my writing desk with PC. Only colors are more bold and deep, not pink or peach but red and orange.

Trinity Dress Black/Pink from Purple Moon Creations. Pose aDORKable 25 days of poses, day 3 pose.

Too cute to be true

There was a time, few years ago, I explored at least 1-2 new places per day. Now  I made a decision:  I must go back on time a little bit and explore more, I have spend too much time at my SL home(s). So, today I finally opened Destinations and found Premium category. Premium Wilderness is a jungle for premium members only. Full of animals and riverboats, water falls, jungle bars, fishing spots and so on, very good place just hang out.


I played with windlight settings, but I do have a problem: my new Firestorm download did not worked out and I am stacked with official viewer. Firestorm has plenty of pre-loaded windlights, official does not, so right now I only have Juicybomb’s studio windlights, bunch of Strawberry’s windlights and one of my own. I had to download more… or get my dear Firestorm working again.

And I also have problem with my poses: I am so damn lazy to search and switch and operate with them. These poses are from Adorkable Ruffle and Boogie packs and maybe one from Bent – I have Bent poses on my Semotion Casual AO HUD.



So frustrating troubling with windlights and poses… because I want to get better pictures and I do think proper lightning and suitable poses are essential for a good SL picture.  Laziness is a horrible thing.

I chose jungle destination also because of Zaara dress from Fameshed.  It is like a bouquet of tropical flowers! This dress has seen almost in every blog and after trying a demo version (then went back and bought, how prudent…) I can totally understand why. The dress is super cute and girly, almost too girly for me, but I just love the pattern, lightness and movement of the dress. Last week I visited shortly at the second hand shop IRL and I almost bought flowery skirt just like Zaara’s dress. I might go back to that shop soon…

Kunglers snake pattern ankle shoes are just gorgeous. I could never wear snake skin leather or high heels like this IRL – 8 cm is my IRL limit for heels – but thank god there’s SL. Sorry virtual snakes.


Summer dress from childhood

When I saw this maxi dress (Rebel Hope Breeze Maxi Dress Black and Hot Pink) I instantly remembered old Finnish commercial pic from 60’s or 70’s. I tried to find that pic and maxi dress on it – even called my mom! – but I am not sure if the dress was Marimekko or Nanso. They both are  well-known Finnish clothing and textile  brands and if you are middle aged Finn, you propably have spend your  childhood with these patterns. Even First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy wore Marimekko.

The closest thing I found to my new SL dress was Marimekko’s Seireeni dress.

I had such strong memory of  the old pic that I wanted to find location and feeling close to it. I usually do not hang with Finns in SL – it is because I live with them IRL LOL and because first time ever I met another Finn in SL he was a giant penis avatar. How very mature. Oh yes and the second one was vomiting goblin. Yeah right. I rest my case.

But you have to do sacrifices as a blogger so I was bold and feeling beautiful and went to Finnish Sauna Retreat to snapshot. Lake and forest are very Finnish and like Marimekko patterns and clothes, they are part of my childhood and still my inner environment.Sauna also, although I am not a big sauna lover. And yes, you go sauna naked, not with your bikinis or swimsuits on (there’s exceptions like if you have group of people not knowing each other). I am so in love with this dress I did not wanted to take it off, so I skipped the sauna and teleported safely to my home.

(Disclaimer: since my first experiences I have met some great Finnish avatars)



Sunday blues

minh facefaceraw


Almost all weekend without SL. Yesterday I just had to visit my SL home because of rent due. I played for a while with chairs and poses and my favorite online editor, Pixlr Express. This pic was made with it using focal blur with very high glow boost. The raw pic is very dark and there’s no shadows at all – although I always have shadows on.

I always need to adjust my sitting poses -because I am so petite – but this beautiful giraffe chair had one pose I can use without any adjustment even with a pencil skirt.

ciraffe chair


I also tested Liv Glam *WINTER-2012*-THE COLLECTION-Freda HUD. It has 18 mesh pieces, here Freda highwaist skirt and Freda cropped jacket (but I was too lazy to find proper shoes so as a fashion blogger I am always struggling just like her). You can mitch and match all pieces together. It is always good to have basic pieces on your inventory – except the ugly truth is I tend to use only newest clothes and forget all others. I just can not delete my old non-mesh clothes – they are my SL history! It means I have over 21 000 items on my inventory…and I have deleted a lot.

livglam hud

  • Giraffe pillow chair from FaMESHed/Culprit Edwardia Chair Giraffe
  • Blue table and chairs are from Archade/The Domineaux Effect