Wild but not free

If you wear animal prints, you have to travel to the jungle, right? These off shoulder tops* were the most perfect hot-hot-hot jungle outfit with high waist leggings and spiky high heels. As you can see, I am cool as an  iceberg despite all the wild animals around me. That’s very Finnish.




*promotional copies



Pink and dreamy pixels

Yesterday I tried something I have wanted to do for a years – after seeing a machinima filmed with the iPhone capturing Second Life on the PC screen. So I went to the Pangloss, beautiful art inspirited sim, and took these two pics with my Samsung Galaxy S2 Instagram app. I did not use any tricks, but as you can see, the first pic has very unique texture. Very vintage look with zero effort! The second one is more clear.

Next I am going to test screen capturing with an iPad:)




My hazardous lifestyle

Just being over-dramatic with the title. There’s no drama and nothing hazardous here, not at the moment. Just rain rain rain and boring – the summer is almost gone and all the fun is just a memory.  And as always when autumn is coming, I think my past year and try to figure out what’s next. Where am I going?


I found this (Hazardous) location from Her and Him. Thanks! Very nice place indeed, especially the canyon with Buddha statue. Tried to catch water reflections, but for some reason I could not use my poses, so it is just my normal AO standing. And I still look like a hamster  – and not very pleased one.  Almost murderous look on my face.



And surprise surprise:  I have boobs! No more small breasts skin!

Now I have to concentrate to Mr  Rodvik “Flat” Linden, he visited my house last night…