Testing OBS (with new home and new avatar) and a challenge

EDIT: just noticed embed video do not work, so here is the link: Testing OBS

This is a very quickly made video test. I apologize for HUDs and maps etc. on the screen. Just wanted to try how OBS works and how easy/difficult is to quickly edit and publish videos. The slowest part was edit with Movie Maker: I am much more familiar with Adobe Premiere and MM was way too easy ūüėÄ

If you watch my video, you can guess what the challenge is…but here it is: decorate your home with old inventory items only – and I mean years old, not months or weeks old ūüėÄ If you take the challenge I would like to see results, so please leave your pic or video link on comments!


  • Avatar: Dinkies brown tabby mesh kitty avatar
  • Rental home: Baja Cove
  • Furniture and decoration: multiple old items from my inventory, for example ionic and LISP



Lean into the light


shades and pedal

 i can see the light

  • frame Lark What May Come
  • shoes epic Ice Cream Dorothy Gales
  • leggings ISON metallic snake taupe
  • Loovus Richie Mini (group gift)
  • MYNX shades Shabby chic *
  • MYNX Daisy necklace *
  • poses from Le Poppycock Frequency B
  • house¬†Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug (Realistic size)

* promotional copies

Y’s House adaptation

I wrote yesterday that I have found my dream house (OMISE001 by Y’s house) …well, after spending few hours at my new home, I figured I need also a private room. Although I am a terrible builder, I really cannot do anything but windowless cubes, I quickly made¬†a simple roof top room. The¬†awning is borrowed from Y’s House folder and modified smaller, all textures are¬†very old, mainly from GNU, ladder is borrowed from L2 studio’s west lake mini house folder. Decorating is not yet finished (it never is…) but mostly I used old *iconic* stuff.

And now, having my “secret” roof top room, I can go downstairs and finish my¬†main¬†room. It’s gonna be a wine-bar/dance party area for my neighbors and friends:)




Empty space meets empty mind

old face old brics


Busy in RL, lazy at SL.

I have a new skydome, but there’s no house, just five sick cats. I have “no time” to go KittyCats Main Store and buy food for them. I shopped a new skybox, but there’s no furniture.

I don’t remember when I last time changed my SL-clothes.

My inventory is a total mess. I can not find anything so I get frustrated and buy some new stuff which I do not need.

Basically I just stand at the middle of my skydome or skybox and play with Firestorm Phototools. I have no vision what so ever: I do not know what to do with my second life.



Oh no! Appliers please!


As you can see, my new SLink hands do not fit perfectly with my present skin (Mynerva Plain Jane English Rose). ¬†And believe me, I’ve tried to fit them! For hours!

My plan B was to get a new skin. Or “new” new, from my inventory. But I soon realized all my old skins looked old-fashioned and they had too much going on. I want my skin to be like blank canvas I can paint…add layers if I want more make up. Realistic look is also important, too smooth skin is boring. I don’t want to look like a doll. If the skin has puffy eyelids, it is mine:) Mature skins usually do not work but I found tintable age lines¬†which I think are useful in case I need RL matching look;)

Plan C: find a new skin with proper SLink appliers! And I did. After  marketplace searching I found DeeTalez Jarla. I teleported to the mainstore and was ready to grab it when I realized it is pre-released at the Cosmetic Fair starting today. So now I am here, waiting Americans get up and open the damn event:)


But at least my butt still looks nice!