Hippies don’t need diamonds

I don’t usually wear jewelry, neither RL or inworld. If I use, they have to be easy to wear, fun and hippie…materials and designs I prefer are feathers, flowers, wood and stones. I think I just found my favorite jewelry line…I feel feminine, pretty and powerful with these beauties. They are super easy to fit, actually I didn’t any adjustment at all. They also have a texture menu.

mynx_feathers set

mynx wooden

mynx cube ring

mynx hearts and globe ring


* promotional copies

5 sick cats and 1 new mainland plot

Ok, I am a bad person. I forgot all my cats without food. My old playhouse has been a cat hospital and for a moment I was very remorseful and devoted nurse.





Well, it did not work out. My neighbor wanted to buy the entire sim and I was not comfortable any more…so I sold my “new” plot. AND bought another one right away. Now I have very odd sized 3072 m2 with 703 prims. I have not yet decide which way I want to live so I just have platform up in the sky. Because I want to be a better person my first priority was to build a safe place for my sick cats. Now they have food, a shelter and me having more time to take care (aka going to the KittyCats Store).



Two surprise kittens also…I found them when I was cleaning my old property. I certainly have to be more aware what is going on.


Empty space meets empty mind

old face old brics


Busy in RL, lazy at SL.

I have a new skydome, but there’s no house, just five sick cats. I have “no time” to go KittyCats Main Store and buy food for them. I shopped a new skybox, but there’s no furniture.

I don’t remember when I last time changed my SL-clothes.

My inventory is a total mess. I can not find anything so I get frustrated and buy some new stuff which I do not need.

Basically I just stand at the middle of my skydome or skybox and play with Firestorm Phototools. I have no vision what so ever: I do not know what to do with my second life.



Social media teacher hideaway

OMGosh I have been out of here two months! Busy IRL, teaching social media 😀 Today I was able to sneak out to my virtual home to “relax”. Well, no time to relax in either worlds.

All my cats are sick, they just sleep under blankets thermometer on the mouth. For sure I am not going to buy recovery vitamin bottle 290 L$ per cat. They just have to get well on their own.

When I last had time to decorate and live my SL, it was winter and I had winter skydome.



talvipenkki3Goodbye coldness, goodbye snow, welcome spring! I took this picture very quick, edited just a little with my favorite online tool, Pixlr Express. I love the feeling of this pic…almost like someone has secretly taken it when Minh was deep in thought.

springforest1_001I just bought a new skydome, now looking the right house to place on it. And I really really really need to get some new clothing! Maybe new hair? Hunts? Building projects? Uuuh…exhausted already.



No more ugly wrists

New year, new something. I want to balance my both lives and find some new and inspiriting things to do. I love chilling and wearing pajamas, but I want to be more active and have less pajama days!

Since I first read about mesh hands I have wanted to own them. I have no idea why it took so long…but now I finally bought SLink hands (elegant 1). No proper pics yet, I am still looking the most perfect poses:) pajama2_001

pajama3_001I have already wrote about my cats. I don’t know how long I enjoy interacting with them but it is nice to have a SL hobby:) I have tried many: building (I suck), designing (too unpatient), machinima (too self-critical after few finished machinimas).

Blogging is more than a hobby for me. Right now it is almost a lifesaver. In Finnish I am a writer/author, published many books and articles and blogged since 1999/2002. I also teach regularly how to blog and maintain a good blog. BUT: my last book was published 2011 and since then I have not written anything – expect this blog. With this blog I keep away TOTAL writer’s block while I try to start writing in Finnish again.

Everyone wants to have more readers, me too. My first steps was to syndicate my blog on few feeds  (list of my feeds under my blogroll), – but most of all, write and take pics with more time and forethought but still with no stress and having a blast:)