Don’t smile for the camera – SL Yearbook challenge

yearbook smile challenge


I freeze when I see a camera. I smile and laugh a lot, but in font of camera – no way. I did not even try to smile – with HUD it always makes you look just weird and creepy. Parted lips was the solution.

The challenge includes other not-so-familiar part, a yearbook photo. We do not make yearbooks in Finland – although there is a class photo (group and personal) once a year.

  • alaskametro Ingrid tunic pebble brown *
  • scarf old from inventory: POMME D’AMOUR Let it snow
  • MOON hair Mourning sickness
  • Mynerva skin Plain Jane english rose
  • Mynerva smoky onyx eyeliner
  • pose from Le Poppycock Frequency B

* promotional copy


A sad little hamster


Inventory meme by Strawberry Singh

1. What is your current inventory number? – 22. 370 items.
2. If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – my current skin.
3. What is the last thing you purchased? – GoFigure Mesh Tree Bookshelf.
4. Which item do you wear most often? – FTL Natural Eyelashes.
5. When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? – 2 from old freebie pack (white penis and newbie penis).

I have recently deleted a lot of stuff. Old old old freebies mostly, hunt gifts and so on. I try to keep my inventory nice and clean, but… you know. Shopping spree or a hunt and it’s horrible mess once again.

Yesterday I had my SL open when my boyfriend/lover/partner was here.  I gave him a job: make my avatar face look more my RL face. And this is the ugly truth: I look like a little sad hamster.


PS. We are still together.

Lazy cat needs new clothing



Stretching at the morning. Feeling lazy cat and very out-of-date – I haven’t been enough in SL lately. Just a little bit of Homestuff hunt and taking care of rental issues. But one thing is correct: my mixed reality soul is very pleased because my SL-hair and RL-hair are so similar.

I wrote another geekgirl article, this time about playing with avatar outlooks and living in SL. Sorry folks, only Finnish.

Have missed so many fun memes of Strawberry Singh…I might start with easy one, today’s inventory meme… but just wait flat Rodvik Linden, I think I have something for you.

SL Movie poster meme

EDIT: another pic added:)

I was so thrilled when I noticed SS’s new meme challenge because it is always fun to create look-a-likes. I even asked from my FB friends what movie they suggest to me. Answer was unpossible to visualize in SL: Comet in Moominland – Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti. It is based on Tove Jansson’s famous “children’s” book. It is great book and as my friend wrote, full of  “adventures, family time, treasures, changes, serenity, writing, new encounters, unexpected twists and turns, traveling” – just like my RL life:)


While thinking of moomins, I took easier movie, Marie Antoinette. It is not my all-time-favorite movie, but it is fun and colorful and Kirsten Dunst is so cute. AND my SL friend is planning baroque/rococo themed party, so this was a good reason to shop some dresses and hairdo’s.

The dress is HUGE, and it has it’s own AO with fan movements, greetings, curtseys and bowing. Hairdo is Annette Hair color 10 from A&A. Rosy wall texture from Ferryhill Designs. And OMG I just realized I forgot to use my flower accessory! Had to make another pic, soon! 😀


I did not try to copy the original movie poster, my version is based on these two pics.


The (Meme) Monkey House

SS‘s new meme entry by Pics by Peep introduced me PicMonkey. I had some flower fun with it as you can see… I have been aware of PicMonkey, but I have been happily using Pixlr Express which is very easy to use, very stylish and sleek and have no ads. Pixlr Express has great adjustment tools, nice overlays and effects and HUGE collection on frames and stuff.




I deleted my old house (or not deleted, took back to inventory) and bought a new one from Designer Prims closing sale. This summer cottage has texture change menu, you can change inside/outside walls, floor and windows and the house was only 50 L$.


After I tested PicMonkey, I decided to do my own very quick and dirty introduction about Pixlr Express. It is rather boring without voice/music, but I did not wanted to make voice narration in english and my finnish voice over was full of  coughing and other weird noises 😀 At the same time, this is also a introduction to Camtasia Studio. I have Adobe Premiere also, but editing machinima or creating tutorials like this (usually with voice;)) CS is much more quicker to use. Trial version 30 days, pricing reasonable. So my answers to SS’s teach me meme are more like tips, not a lessons:

  1. If you want adfree online editing without any money, try out polished looking Pixlr Express – it is so easy you don’t even need any tutorials for that.
  2. If you want to make good looking tutorials or edit machinima, use Camtasia Studio.
  3. If you want to make a SL-machinima, buy 3D mouse/space navigator, film your raw material with Fraps and edit/produce it with Camtasia. And plan and practise before filming! Every pose, every movement, every camera angle…