Haiku meme

Memes are dangerous.Shopping Cart Disco secret number 21 said it already 😀 But what the heck – it’s so much fun! So here we go again, SS’s meme challenge was write a haiku poem. I like haikus and I have wrote them a lot, but always in Finnish, so I had to check my syllables. Right or wrong, this is how I see my SL life in a haiku style.

imagine the dream world

everything conceivable

living without bugs

Why Do I Blog meme

Originally this meme is from Strawberry Singh’s blog, but I totally forget it and found it today from NWN Iris Ophelia.

My RL blogging background is loooong. I have blogged since 1999, officially 2002 because back to 90’s there was no terms “blog” or “blogging”, only homepages and web diaries. I had homepage with newest posts on the top of the page, so it was sort of blog. I have had over 10 RL blogs and I still regularly teach others to blog IRL. But as a Second Life blogger and blogging in english I am newbie.

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started my SL blog Minh’s mixed reality January or February 2013. First I was at Tumblr, but WP is my real home, so here I am.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to write about Second Life in Finnish, because there are not much SL information in my own language. I soon realized that if I want more than 3 readers LOL, I have to write in english. I want to share my SL life and keep diary for myself. My blog is the home base of my virtual life and other social media things – Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, FB – complements it.

3. How many times a week do you post an entry?

I try to post at least few times a week but RL cuts off my SL time, so it varies.

4. How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis?

About 80 SL blogs and hundreds of RL blogs!

5. Do you comment on other people’s blogs?

Yes, sometimes.

6. Do you keep track of how many visitors you have?

Just basic WP stats at the moment.

7. Did you ever regret a post that you wrote?

No, never.

8. Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog?

Maybe not yet?

9. Do you blog under your real name?

My true name is no secret but I don’t yell it on front page.

10. Are there topics that you would never blog about?

Yes, maybe my experimental time as a SL stripper 😀 Actually I did it years ago with an other av and only 1-2 months occasionally. I wanted to explore all SL areas and sexbiz was one of them. I could blog about it, but without any pics because I am never going to try that kind of career/job again 😀

11. What is the theme/topic of your blog?

Mixed reality. My SL and RL really are complicated and fun mix. Later on I try to make this topic more visible, right now I think I just write short notes with pics. I do love shopping and SL fashion, but I simply can not see myself as a pure fashion/lifestyle blogger.

12. Do you have more than one blog? If so, why?

No other SL blog but several RL blogs in Finnish.

13. What have you found to be the benefits of blogging?

Blogging makes me take more pictures. I have been very lazy snapshotter over my SL-years which I deeply regret.

14. So, why do you continue to blog?

Blogging in english is a challenge  for me. I am so much out of my comfort zone because IRL I am a professional writer/author and I simply can not express myself in english as fresh I would like to. But I do not care! I just blog blog blog because my love for SL life is much more greater than my professional pride. I want to keep my text easy to write and focus more the whole content.

My 3 SL wishes meme

1. I wish people would understand that Second Life is not a game. Don’t get me wrong, I love computer and console games, but SL is so much more. It is social media, a community, and the best part of it is that everything is created by SL residents. There’s no ready-made places or things – it is all about imagination of SL users.

2. I wish building in SL would be as easy as it is on the Minecraft where my 11-year old son builds  castles and houses and towers just like that, like in few minutes 😀

3. I could wish SL viewers to be more simple but after all, I have so used to spend a lot of quality time *grin* with it… I can easily use an hour or two organizing my inventory folders and subfolders. Communicating could also be easier: notecards (group notice notecards especially)  and IM’s are so last season. And group limit! I just hate that.


This meme was a tough one because I agree SS’s all 3 wishes and I had to figure out 3 more.

I have been away from home and from SL, so no new pics. This one is old from Feb when I was only dreaming of spring. Now it is finally here (in Finland)!

sugarhill patio at fairy dark blue

Procrastination Meme

StrawberrySingh, thank you for giving me good reason to procrastinate. I was scheduled to update a website and write few emails…but here I go again.


1. What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often? 

22.2. 2009 (Minhilda Nordenskiold). I have never ever remembered to celebrate my rezz day.

2. Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life? 

As a newb 2006 my places were freebie shops and money benches, as a Minhilda art galleries and other interesting sim locations.

3. Where do you spend most of your SL time now? 

At home (or actually at two homes, I have rented land and mainland), decorating and trying new houses, organizing my inventory and looking for new stuff (from Marketplace).

4. Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one)

My closest friends (2 men, French and Indian) have quit their SL life.

5. What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one) 

OMG this is so hard. But it has to be my skin, because if I am not happy with my skin, my SL life sucks. At the moment it is Mynerva Plain Jane English Rose with small breasts:)

6. The last thing you purchased in Second Life?

0 L$ purchase at the Nest Easter Egg Hunt.

7. What color clothing does your avatar wear most often? 

Mostly bright colours because IRL i wear too much black 😀

8. Do you prefer to walk, run or fly? 

I walk. I want to see things properly.

9. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL?

Shooting a machinima film with RL friend who did not have basic SL skills and nerves.

10. Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife? 

Yesterday I was told I ( or IRL me) look a bit like Audrey Tautou so I pick her.

7 SL facts meme

My SL Fact #1:

I don’t have many SL friends and usually I am so concentrated to do something that I forget to chat with them.

My SL Fact #2:

I spend hours organizing my inventory. I have folders and subfolders for all.

My SL Fact #3:

After I found tattoo layers and MESH my outlook is far more polished.

My SL Fact #4:

My passion: living inworld, houses and skyboxes, furniture and decoration.

My SL Fact #5:

I would like to find SL job. At the past I have had several jobs as a notecard writer, saleswoman and inworld magazine editor/blogger.

My SL Fact #6:

I am obsessed with AO’s. I hate when my AO stands are not realistic or if they are too static or too lively. I am constantly looking new ones, but then I do not have patience to upload them properly.

My SL Fact #7:

I play a lot with camera angles which means i usually just stand and look stupid when not moving at all.


(love the casual look but hate the quality of this pic – i was testing high res snapshots and this ugly line appears through my jawline)


Meme taken from StrawberrySingh, thanks!