Something’s wrong with me – I love black and big dogs

FINALLY I found my new dream house. It is *Y’s HOUSE* OMISE001 (only main body) and I think it is just perfect for my needs (more pics later when I have time to decorate). I want open spaces and lots of light and grunge/raw/shabby chic textures. This cutie has it all. It has also a small kitchen/bar area and an awning with multiple textures. Small house is all I need, my dear old grass bubble (from Harmoni) is quite tiny and I always want to maintain some outdoor space free to wander:)

erratic y house


With Buddha and Raccoon


I don’t remember how it was… was I interested of Buddhism before Second Life or did I started to study Buddhism in SL. Nevertheless, SL’s Buddha Center has for years been my place to calm down and learn and meditate. Yes, meditate. It sounds odd, I know, meditation in virtual environment, but it is rather simple and flexible. I used to meditate both ways, in SL and at my home either sitting on the floor or  lying on the sofa. I could hear speech or relaxing sounds from SL. It was very helpful for me during stressful time, and I hope I can soon start this mixed reality practice again.

Buddha Center is still going strong. I visited there last night and noticed they have Buddha Estates. I definitely could consider moving Buddhist community in SL. In real life it is not an option, so I always fill my houses with Buddha statues and posters and paintings and Tibetan decorations. My very first favorite shops in SL was Yak & Yeti, great quality freebie shop. I have tons of Annapurna’s jewellery and furniture and I still use many items I bought years ago.


My dearest SL pet ever is from Yak & Yeti, a cute little raccoon.  At this pic he is on his way down because of my horrible pose (actually not a pose, snapshot taken while AO moving) – and look at those awful hands! I really need to buy mesh hands…


…but before any shoppings, I put my meditation pillow on the ground and just breath at least 5 minutes. Raccoon still on the shoulder.


EDIT: Buddha on the wall (Dukkha, free)  from Tashi Aura’s shop.