Flowers and frogs, no Prince

I returned all my prims because I could not found my skybox anymore… then I rezzed almost all houses from my “houses” folder and finally choose this old one, it is modified version of retro beach house by KisKis (no longer exists). I have decorated lately so much indoors (IRL and inworld) that I wanted to landscape my plot instead. I want flowers and green leaves and SOUNDS! I am totally obsessed to listen my¬†reed cattail thicket frogs. I login, be AFK a lot and just listen the frog choir ūüėÄ

Hedges and Cattail old from Marketplace, KIDD short grass mixed poppy and KIDD green meadow wild flower SLURL to the mainstore.





Love at first sight


JoHaDeZ. Poetic furniture. Totally new for me before visiting their Home & Garden Expo shop. They have everything  Рdecoration, plants, furniture, wall art Рand everything is high quality mesh with great animations. I just love this shop Рit is fresh and poetic indeed but not too sweet.


Sommaren är kort

I was little afraid me going to the Home & Garden Expo because I just recently bought a new house and did not want to buy new one again. On the other hand I have not so much money to spend right now. First I was totally lost and not so very excited when I arrived Expo Area 1 AND of course I crashed few times and was almost giving up BUT when I finally made my way to the Home Expo Area 2 I was in heaven. So much great stuff: houses, furniture, plants. I spend all the money I had – not much – but it is money well spent.

homegarden_001After a long time I finally put trees and rocks and plants and grass back to my grass bubble. I don’t have lots of prims so occasionally I have to delete something if I want more furniture etc. Now I wanted to see summery green also in SL (I love tree shadows on my house floor!) and made a path to the grass/flower/plant area. These flagstone pavers from [ba] are genious, just make copies and plan your path. My path is short – prim limit again! – and I also deleted one railing of the porch that I can go straight to the pavers.


homegarden_002Something weird is happening to me… I have recently bought pink, green and blue items. When I saw this blueish wall art piece I just had to have it. The painting and a flower vase including texture change menu (I have no idea why I have red flowers on this pic, they should be yellow) are both from wonderful shop called JoHaDeZ.

PS. My title is in swedish, meaning “summer is short”. It really is, so let’s enjoy it inworld and IRL outdoors:)

Windmills of your mind


  • Scarlet Creative Windmill from Collabor88, 488 L
  • [ba] hollyhock – deep pink – a from Garden (The Liaison Colloborative)
  • <<UrbanizeD>> Fairy Meadow ( Type C ) // Blueberry Hill 06
  • Botanical – Drought Forest
  • Culprit Edwardia Chair Giraffe from FaMESHed


It was instant love when I saw this little white windmill. My springhouse! The windmill/house is so cool I do not want ruin it putting too much furniture. Basically I just wander around the house or stand still inside, middle of the floor. And as you can see, I am not a fashion blogger because I have had these same clothes since 27.3.