Light my fire

I have celebrated two birthdays during 5 days. I need a little break and another glass of bubbly.

Designer Prims house and stuff

My temporary home and all the stuff inside it (besides a kitchen cabinet, Zigana’s Scavenger hunt item) are from Designer Prims closing sale. Temporary house this is because I absolutely love SL houses – even more than clothes – and I can never have enough. I’m gonna be so broke after Home and Garden Expo 2013.

One of my favorite places to look new houses is L2 Studio. They have detailed and versatile buildings and I admire how they are showing their houses, for example this decorated kitchen area, next to TP area.

L" Studio kitchen

The (Meme) Monkey House

SS‘s new meme entry by Pics by Peep introduced me PicMonkey. I had some flower fun with it as you can see… I have been aware of PicMonkey, but I have been happily using Pixlr Express which is very easy to use, very stylish and sleek and have no ads. Pixlr Express has great adjustment tools, nice overlays and effects and HUGE collection on frames and stuff.




I deleted my old house (or not deleted, took back to inventory) and bought a new one from Designer Prims closing sale. This summer cottage has texture change menu, you can change inside/outside walls, floor and windows and the house was only 50 L$.


After I tested PicMonkey, I decided to do my own very quick and dirty introduction about Pixlr Express. It is rather boring without voice/music, but I did not wanted to make voice narration in english and my finnish voice over was full of  coughing and other weird noises 😀 At the same time, this is also a introduction to Camtasia Studio. I have Adobe Premiere also, but editing machinima or creating tutorials like this (usually with voice;)) CS is much more quicker to use. Trial version 30 days, pricing reasonable. So my answers to SS’s teach me meme are more like tips, not a lessons:

  1. If you want adfree online editing without any money, try out polished looking Pixlr Express – it is so easy you don’t even need any tutorials for that.
  2. If you want to make good looking tutorials or edit machinima, use Camtasia Studio.
  3. If you want to make a SL-machinima, buy 3D mouse/space navigator, film your raw material with Fraps and edit/produce it with Camtasia. And plan and practise before filming! Every pose, every movement, every camera angle…

Boomtown Rats 1979



Monday closing sales are so exhausting and sad. Designer Prims has everything under 100 L$. I bought a house – pics later when I have modified it – and champagne on ice. I want to celebrate my RL birthday in SL too!

This modern and comfy sofa has tons of animations but I could not bought it for some reason.