Wild but not free

If you wear animal prints, you have to travel to the jungle, right? These off shoulder tops* were the most perfect hot-hot-hot jungle outfit with high waist leggings and spiky high heels. As you can see, I am cool as an  iceberg despite all the wild animals around me. That’s very Finnish.




*promotional copies



5 sick cats and 1 new mainland plot

Ok, I am a bad person. I forgot all my cats without food. My old playhouse has been a cat hospital and for a moment I was very remorseful and devoted nurse.





Well, it did not work out. My neighbor wanted to buy the entire sim and I was not comfortable any more…so I sold my “new” plot. AND bought another one right away. Now I have very odd sized 3072 m2 with 703 prims. I have not yet decide which way I want to live so I just have platform up in the sky. Because I want to be a better person my first priority was to build a safe place for my sick cats. Now they have food, a shelter and me having more time to take care (aka going to the KittyCats Store).



Two surprise kittens also…I found them when I was cleaning my old property. I certainly have to be more aware what is going on.


Spring dance

The Boutique at the Nest sim is great new place to visit. clothing and other stuff, quality designers and nice environment. today I shopped only poses, 2 from !Bang (at the pic carefree 3), and 3 from Picture This! but I will go back soon… 😀

Trailer trash?

Half naked because I was finally going to SKIN FAIR, but then I visit March 2013 Archade and it was so stressful I just have to rest at the teardrop trailer (floorplan’s gacha, colour avocado).

More gachas later. Maybe tired but lucky also: got just perfect mesh curtains (indian summer)!