SL Movie poster meme

EDIT: another pic added:)

I was so thrilled when I noticed SS’s new meme challenge because it is always fun to create look-a-likes. I even asked from my FB friends what movie they suggest to me. Answer was unpossible to visualize in SL: Comet in Moominland – Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti. It is based on Tove Jansson’s famous “children’s” book. It is great book and as my friend wrote, full of  “adventures, family time, treasures, changes, serenity, writing, new encounters, unexpected twists and turns, traveling” – just like my RL life:)


While thinking of moomins, I took easier movie, Marie Antoinette. It is not my all-time-favorite movie, but it is fun and colorful and Kirsten Dunst is so cute. AND my SL friend is planning baroque/rococo themed party, so this was a good reason to shop some dresses and hairdo’s.

The dress is HUGE, and it has it’s own AO with fan movements, greetings, curtseys and bowing. Hairdo is Annette Hair color 10 from A&A. Rosy wall texture from Ferryhill Designs. And OMG I just realized I forgot to use my flower accessory! Had to make another pic, soon! 😀


I did not try to copy the original movie poster, my version is based on these two pics.


Building PP-skybox: Playing with textures and components

italian floor tiles

Yesterday I spend few hours at the Marketplace searching free or low price textures. There’s plenty of good quality textures, my problem is I CAN NOT DECIDE which ones I want to use – I want them all! Maybe I have to make several skyboxes with different colour/style themes.

My Prim Perfect skybox is not ready ready any time soon. I was able to find easy sliding door system, it works well, although sliding sound is pretty annoying. But I can live with that! Also I bought mesh wall unit, I am not sure if I really need it, but it was cheap and nice. The floor is always the hardest part for me. I play with “repeat per meter” until I almost get nervous breakdown. These italian tiles are very beautiful, but I am not sure if they really match with everything else (oh yes, these new paint and wallpapers also). Usually I like plain and light floors because I am a rug lover.

To be continued…

Building PP-skybox: At the beginning there was only 1 prim

I have made several skyboxes, some lamps and flowers and meditation pillows since I have been in SL, but I have never been totally satisfied what I have done. Building takes time and patience and it is not something I think I am good enough.

But: Prim Perfect issues Feb and March have new tutorial, how to build your own skybox, and after long break of building I wanted to try it out. And it is so fun! Of course I have lost my nerves couple of times and my skybox is still pretty ugly, but I have so much fun trying different textures. I had all basic skills even before reading the tutorial, but it was still very useful. Following instructions can be sometimes very relaxing 😀

I can not wait next issue of PP’s skybox tutorial! My goal is build something I can happily use.

My skybox is not ready yet and inside wall textures has changed many times, these brown wallpapers are from PP texture pack, beige inside walls are downloaded somewhere, window glass texture is some oldie and outside stone walls is from GNU (oldie). I also have bought textures (floors) from Clutter for Builders which btw is great place to get quality building stuff.

Living inworld

yes. i am addicted virtual homes. houses and skyboxes. i wonder if it because in RL i do not own house or apartment.

i own small 1024 piece of mainland, ugly as hell like almost all mainlands so i live up on the sky. right now i have cute little grassy bubble and house(s) on it. i need to have space and light so i can move and rotate my camera view easily. and i want to step outside the house/ skybox. panorama bubbles are great, you have your own space and you don’t need to see other skyboxes.

couple of months before christmas i was just redecorated my new house and wanted to have something new. don’t get me wrong, i was very satisfied but if you are addicted to houses and furniture, you always need more… so i rented paradise island for a winter… i tried several beachouses, but then i found trompe loeil cottage and decorated that. it was funny: sand, beach, palm trees and snowy-frosty cottage. there’s 7 different houses at the picture, but there was even more. i can rent a house for a week or two, decorate it and leave it. london loft (4th row 3rd pic) was a test, it looked so nice i just wanted to try it myself. and i was week or two at milkweed rental houses


textures are everything for me. my house can be very simple if it has good textures. rugs, lamps, sofas and wall decorations are my all time favorites: together they create feeling of home.

my other home is rental land. it is near the water, but not paradise island. i have small *ionic* house there and lot of grass with bird and frog sounds. frogs are little annoying but so realistic and calming also, so i keep them.

*ionic* has charming little houses, i have few of them already. this one is buenos aires, trees and plants come with the house. i usually prefer mod houses because i want to tint my walls or change textures, but *ionic* houses has so many funny and beautiful details i can be no-mod and still happy.


and this is my latest project… my old bubble with two houses. the house (++HY’s++ 03Ra) on the left is “ready”, the *ionic* house on the right is just rezzed and has no furniture. it was only 75 L$ (lazy sunday offer) and very suitable for a valentine’s day/spring time studio.


i have houses also from KOSH, AppleFall, Kessi Andretti, FunkyJunk, Scarlet Creative… and huge pile of old favorites…

PS. bigger pics at FLICKR